Nov 26, 2016

Blog: Vada

Blog #2: Vada
Saturday and Sunday being the weekends, my wife makes some wonderful breakfast. Weekdays i generally have my breakfast in office cafeteria. Yesterday being a Friday, I made general enquiry to my wife in evening what is special tomorrow for breakfast. She declared it is Vada (It is south indian dish). My wife's preparation of Vada and Sambar (side dish) is the best. If you are interested in making Vada, you can see this youtube video Medu Vada - By VahChef @

Night around 1:00am my 8 month daughter started making some weird sound. Both of us got up trying to console her. She suddenly started crawling towards me and climbed up my lap. She was having a loose motion, It was her first time. Initially we thought it might not be as bad as we thought and slept off.
Morning again at around 6:00 my daughter got up and started making the sound again. She was again having loose motion. Doing twice in 12 hours gap we thought it might her belly getting cleared up. My wife started weening her and both of them slept off. I could not sleep again, so i came out of bedroom, and suddenly see last days mess in hall. All things were scattered here and there, thought let me clean it all before my Wife and daughter wake up. It took around ~1 hour to clean up the mess I generally go to office very early and never see my house untidy. I never see who tidies it, I assume. I should really appreciate my wife. Then for some reason i went into Utility and saw huge pile of cloths for laundry and cloths in washing needed to be dried. I started my work again in Utility now, after finishing everything i see my Wife and daughter woke up again. I just made suggestion to my Wife it is 9:30, Breakfast ? Vada Sambar ? She replied to me telling that may be we should Visit doctor as daughter had loose motion again. We both now were in some panic mode. Being Saturday it would be a tremendous rush in Doctor's Clinic. Having no appointment we need to Walk-in and would be given last preference. But we had to visit Doctor as tomorrow being Sunday holiday, we did not want to take the risk. My wife quickly feed the baby. From the time we decided to visit doctor to we actually stepped into Clinic, my daughter had totally had 6 times loose motion. Situation, was little concerning to both of us. We told the situation to nurse and she casually told - "Lets take baby weight, height…". After the formalities we were told we might need to wait for 2 hours time. Daughter still being cheerful and playful we assumed she should be OK. We had some quick breakfast in near by Hotel and went to relatives house which is very near to clinic. We enquired from phone so that we could be in Clinic just before our turn comes. I took almost 3 hours before our turn came. Doctor consultation was over and she suggested some pro-biotics and ORS. Doctor suggested it not be a infection, and this should suffice. We returned to relatives house for quick and lunch and returned home. It was around 4:00pm, we were all tired and just slept off.
I woke to sudden door bell, some courier had come. I had totally forgotten about Vada-Sambar by now. Mostly with digression of topic you might have too. But Wife did not, she prepared delicious Vada-Sambar for dinner. I was in awe towards my wife. Small things like this makes life beautiful. Finally my Weekend special breakfast became special dinner.
My idea of writing the whole day events here was to get some experience in flow of writing simple and boring thoughts and hopefully keep reader engaged.
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  1. We know how much you love Vada's. Hope you're getting enough during these lockdown times. ;-)