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Welcome to website This page is to give a idea for the first time users to how to use the information available in this site.

C Language

  • C Programming has list of articles dealing with C Language constructs and their programming use. Each article is short and precise, covering one particular topic with examples and sample output.
  • K and R Answers has my answers to questions that have appeared in book "C Programming Language" by Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernighan. It is highly recommended to go though the this book. Book is considered as bible of C and at times might be intimidating for starters.
  • C Challenges (or C Mastery) has problem that are more advanced. They deal with problem of implementation of Data Structure Algorithms. These articles are meant to intrigue readers into bigger aspects of problem solving using programming.

Vedic Maths

All the articles related to Vedic Maths are covered in this page Vedic Maths.

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