Aug 31, 2015

Vedic Maths #03: Multiplication by 999.... [with greater number of digits]

This is extension case of already covered article - Vedic Maths #02: Multiplication by 999.... [with same number of digits]. It would be good if reader is aware of the previous article. After learning this method you can easily do
1. 12 x 999
2. 234 x 9999
3. 6316 x 999999 and so on...

Note this method is applied to numbers in which 99... has higher number of digits when compared to other number. One more variation where in which it has lower number of digits is covered in next article.

Vedic Method is as follows.
1. First extend the number of digits by prefixing it with zero.
2. Apply previous method used for equal number of digits.

Mathematical analysis used in Vedic Maths #02: Multiplication by 999.... [with same number of digits]  holds true in this method also.

This method applies to number as big as 123 * 9999999.


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